Our advisory board is made up of experienced and talented individuals who support the mission of the St. George Dance Co.. Their purpose is to advise, volunteer and act as mentors to guide the company as decisions are made in regards to its future and vision.

Advisory Board


Summer Belnap Robertson, Artistic Director and Board Chair

Bette Arial, Trustee

Jason Crethar, Trustee

Ruth Davison, Trustee

Sage Gallagher, Trustee

Gretchen Rowe, Trustee



Sherlynn Davis, Company Manger

Rebekah Wainwright, Choreographer

Jenny Mair, Choreographer

Becky Reed Choreographer

Linda Gudmundson, Faculty

Sara Gallo, Faculty

Staci Martin, Makeup/Costumes


Honorary Board

Shelia Bailey

Gail Bunker

Candy Fowler

Fawn Pickett

Wynonna Stanley

Wendy Turner

Nonie Sorenson