Summer Robertson’s upbeat, buoyant choreography has been described as Broadway meets comedic Del Arte.

With advanced notice, a selection of any of the works below are available for performance.

Summer Robertson Repertory Reel

Year Video Length Number of Dancers

The Cruise

The Cruise was inspired by several unfortunate incidents within the cruise industry that made national and world headlines. The dance follows the story of a group of friends who board a cruise liner with expectations of endless food, fun and relaxation.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2013 6:00 4

The Hall of Witches

The Hall of Witches is a clever presentation of twisted, old, gnarly women from the dead who attend witch school and transform into traditional commercial witches we know today. It’s family friendly, fun and just a little spooky!

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2012 13:18 4

Big Hand Cafe

The Big Hand Cafe was a popular stopping spot along old Highway 91 in St. George Utah. It was torn down in the 1960s to make way for Ancestor Square. Wally DeMille was the cook. Jean and Bob Cox met there. Bob came in for pie and to see the pretty waitresses.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2012 3:03 Duet

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude is a 55-minute dance concert that promotes the importance of gratitude and giving during the Thanksgiving holiday season. First, the basic necessities of life are explored, such as having a roof over one’s head and a family to love. The dance then delves deeper into holistic, unconditional gratitude for both the pleasures and pains of the life experience.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2011 55:00 8

Bumps in the Road

We all experience Bumps in the Road. How we manage or overcome the obstacles in our lives is what truly defines us.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2011 3:05 4


Blending portrays the gradual and inescapable blending of races, religions, cultures and ideas that initially separate us from one another.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2011 15:00 10


Kudzu is a climbing, coiling, and trailing vine native to southern Japan and southeast China. Due to its out-of-control growth in the southeastern United States, the Kudzu vine has earned such nicknames as the "foot-a-night vine" and "the vine that ate the South.” Like a disease, addiction, or bad relationship, Kudzu slowly suffocates and stunts the growth of its victim.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 3rd section 3:11, Full piece 10:00 Duet

That’s My Dress

That’s My Dress explores the human desire to feel special and unique. Two women enter a club wearing the same dress, and the fight is on!

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 2:24 Duet


We become enslaved and trapped by many things in life brought about by events over which we have no control or through events we do control and have made wrong decisions.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 4:36 4


Race portrays our fight to get ahead sometimes by holding others back. But, in this piece, focusing on holding others back only puts one in last place.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 3:12 4

Pink House

A man is completely twitterpated for a woman across town, and she is all he can think about. He races to get to her house to tell her how he feels and gets the door slammed in his face.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 1:43 Male Solo

Holiday Help

Holiday Help tells a story of a doll maker who falls asleep one night while attempting to finish fairy and elf dolls for needy children in her village. While she sleeps, the whimsical fairies and elves come alive and paint themselves. Father Christmas also pays a visit in this cleverly narrated holiday story.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 8:15 8

Dirty Romance

One of the most far out and crazy pieces, Dirty Romance features a happy-go-lucky janitor who is accosted by a garbage monster that kidnaps him and takes him into her garbage can with her. Family-friendly and sure to make children giggle.


Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 Duet

A Tribute to Heroes

Historical legends, ancestors, mothers, teachers, police officers and fire fighters are paid tribute with spoken word and dance.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2010 15:03 10

Precious Time

Precious Time is centered on how we use each breath that we have left in our lives. A woman has chosen to make every heartbeat count while a vicious cancer threatens to overtake her. Ultimately, all the sand in her hourglass has run out, but she has lived life to the fullest and uses her last breath to leave a smile behind.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2008 5:47 4

Where Are You?

Where Are You is a group hunting together to find what or who they each individually have been searching for.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2008 3:58 7


Toestada is a crafty dance where only dancers’ hands and feet are revealed under the drapes of the stage proscenium. The feet come alive taking on personalities of their own, and the hands become spiders that get stomped on. Toestada is sure to please the audience and take them to another world.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2008 6:15 8 Plus dancers from the community

Between and Betwixt

Between and Betwixt was originally inspired by Verne N. Rockcastle’s poem entitled Recycled. An excerpt reads, “The glass of water you’re about to drink deserves a second thought, I think. The water in you is between and betwixt, and having traversed is thoroughly mixed, so someone quenching a future thirst could easily drink what you drank first!” Between and Betwixt explores how human experiences such as hunger, thirst, love, pain, joy, sorrow and death also pass through and are recycled within all of us.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2007 5:10 6

Excuse Me

Excuse Me premiered in 2005 at University Settlement in NYC. This dance is a satire on the chaos and congestion within the urban environment. During the daily grind of commuting to their intended destinations, city dwellers must face the hindering obstacles and frustrating challenges along the way. In an effort to cope with their environment, they try to ignore the intimate interactions they experience with complete strangers.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2005 5:45 3


Change premiered at Dancespace in New York City in 2003. It is amusing, light-hearted and leaves the audience refreshingly surprised by the ironic double meaning and in-depth thoughtfulness that it portrays. Taking place in a park on a summer afternoon, a homeless person longs for a change in his social circumstance. Two yuppies interact with him, temporarily fulfilling his desire for social acceptance, but ultimately misunderstand the type of change he longs for.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
2003 6:45 3


Game premiered in New York City at the Context Theater and points to the constant emotional and psychological battles we fight within ourselves. A woman has been imprisoned by something powerful within her. She is able to fight off what is controlling her, but in the end, she doesn't have enough strength and is overcome once again.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
1999 4:54 Solo

Pleasurable Addiction

Pleasurable Addiction depicts how addictions (both positive and negative) can sometimes cause us to have a one-track mind. The soloist moves like quick fingers on a piano creating a visual feast for the audience. She focuses all her energy on her addiction, as it completely engulfs her mind and body.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
1998 3:59 Solo


In Primordial, creatures within an ancient society undertake their various, everyday tasks and responsibilities. As they work, they prepare a female member of their society to meet a male. This encounter is one of exploration and a desire for understanding the opposite sex. The relationship is not successful, and the females turn on the male and devour him.

Year Video Length Number of Dancers
1998 11:19 6